9 Months Of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

During your 9 months of pregnancy, your body experiences significant changes as your baby develops. From the joy of witnessing your growing belly to the occasional discomfort of carrying an increasing weight, pregnancy is indeed a journey. With pregnant women facing physical and hormonal transformations, incorporating prenatal chiropractic care can significantly enhance your comfort and your baby’s development throughout this period. Here’s what nine months of prenatal chiropractic care looks like.

First Trimester

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you probably don’t even know you’re pregnant yet. Various symptoms may cause you to wonder, such as bloating or breast tenderness, but this can also happen around the time for your period to arrive.

After your missed period and a positive pregnancy test, it’s a good idea to think about taking prenatal vitamins and changing your diet to accommodate your pregnancy. By the 6th week of pregnancy, you may start to feel the effects of morning sickness, aversion to some foods, tiredness, and increased appetite. However, as your nervous system regulates these changes, prenatal chiropractic care can offer support. Simple chiropractic adjustments can help manage morning sickness and support a healthier and more comfortable first trimester.

Second Trimester

While you may have just gotten used to all the changes from the first trimester, the second trimester brings relief to some of those, while bringing more changes. The benefits of chiropractic care during this time give your body the support it needs.

Month 4

Round ligament pain is a symptom that often begins in the second trimester. If this is your first pregnancy, you may get nervous that this sharp pain is something more serious. However, this pain is generally caused by sudden movements or physical activity. Before pregnancy, these ligaments are normally stretchy and flexible. However, during the second trimester, they are pulled tight causing normal movements to result in pain. You can combat this pain with prenatal chiropractic care and stretching. Your chiropractor will be able to give you an adjustment and can also equip you with some stretches to do to ease round ligament pain.

Month 5

By the fifth month of pregnancy, you may start to see a baby bump and you’re probably noticing some discomfort in sleep. Sleep is very important for both a healthy baby and mama, so it is important to practice healthy sleeping methods. Establishing a nighttime routine and limiting your caffeine intake throughout the day can help you sleep better. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can also help you sleep better by making sure you’re aligned.

Month 6

Breathwork can help an expecting mama throughout her pregnancy. Mindful breathing helps relax the body and ease tension throughout the body. Preparing for childbirth does not start in month 9, and the earlier you begin, the more comfortable you will be when labor begins.

This is also the perfect time to make sure you’re engaging your pelvic floor muscles intentionally. Diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial in activating the pelvic floor muscles to create balance and ease. A balanced pelvic floor will help you when it’s time for the baby, but it will also help you greatly during postpartum recovery.

Third Trimester

Baby is only a few short months away! Although you may feel like you’ve been pregnant for a century, the baby will be here sooner than you think!

Month 7

It’s time to start thinking about the fetal position. When labor starts, we want to make sure that the baby is in the optimal birthing position. This requires proper pelvic balance. When your pelvis is imbalanced, your baby does not have as much room to get into optimal position. However, when you’re properly aligned, your baby has more room to get into an ideal position.

Prenatal chiropractic care is incredibly beneficial to make sure you are aligned before birth, and after birth. Because pelvic imbalance does not just affect your labor, it can also affect you afterward. A chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique is helpful to create optimal positioning which reduces unnecessary interventions during the birth.

Month 8

With only one more month of pregnancy left, you should probably have a birth plan in order. Whether you plan to birth in a hospital or you’re planning a home birth with a midwife, planning is essential. You may find that a Doula can also help make your birth plan a reality.

Whether it’s stocking your hospital bag or making last-minute adjustments to the nursery, make sure you take time to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care can help make these last few weeks more comfortable with regular adjustments. You may be finding it difficult to sleep or to even walk comfortably, chiropractic care can help alleviate these things.

Month 9

You made it! Baby can come any day now and I’m sure you’re ready for it. This is your time to get into a mindful emotional and physical space for labor. Your body was made for this, and you can do this. Surround yourself with encouraging support, and make sure you go to your last few chiropractic appointments, as that will help you immensely during labor. Some prenatal chiropractors will even come to you during childbirth to adjust you while in labor. Just remember, you have prepared for this, and the outcome is very much worth it.

Remember, these 9 months of prenatal chiropractic care are an essential part of your pregnancy journey. They not only help maintain your comfort and well-being but also ensure a healthy development environment for your baby. As you go through this journey, know that every change and every adjustment is a testament to your strength and resilience. It’s not just about the outcome; it’s about the journey, a journey beautifully embraced.

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