Allergy and Sinus Adjustments

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. However, it also causes many to suffer from stuffy noses, pain and pressure in the sinuses, and lots of sneezing. Have you considered allergy and sinus adjustments at a chiropractor to help alleviate these pesky symptoms? Here’s how allergy and sinus adjustments can help you!

Can a chiropractic adjustment help my allergies?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you are not alone. According to the AAFA, over 50 million people deal with some type of allergy. Allergies occur when the immune system identifies substances as harmful even when they are not. These substances range from pollen to pet dander. When they enter your body, they cause an allergic reaction which looks like sneezing, watery eyes, or a runny nose. In some people, the reaction is serious and they need to seek immediate medical attention. However, those looking to alleviate allergy symptoms may find relief in chiropractic care.

The nervous system is one of the most important systems of the body. It connects the brain and spinal cord which acts as a messenger system throughout the entire body. When your back is misaligned the messenger system is interrupted and unable to function optimally. Those who seek out chiropractic care often find that regular adjustments alleviate many problematic symptoms in their body. Allergies are one of those symptoms that a properly aligned spine helps. A proper spine alignment encourages the immune system to function well and may help it not attack the foreign substances causing allergy symptoms.

Can a chiropractic adjustment help my sinus problems?

When you think of a chiropractic adjustment, you most likely think of getting your spine worked on, but chiropractic care also includes adjusting the bones of your cranium. Your skull is made up of 22 different bones! Your sinuses are simply air pockets that make mucus to drain your nose. Sometimes these get infected causing a sinus infection. The familiar feeling of increased pressure and sinus pain is often a sign that your sinuses need some treatment.

Having a chiropractor adjust your facial bones is a great help in relieving sinus pressure and allowing your sinuses to naturally drain. It was also found that adjusting the neck area helps your body heal from chronic sinusitis symptoms. Just like a spine adjustment is helpful for allergies, the same applies to sinus problems. You want your nervous system to function at its best so you can feel your best.

Natural Relief for Your Stuffy Nose

If you are looking for a holistic healing approach to relieve your seasonal allergies or sinus problems, chiropractic care is an excellent option. Pairing a healthy lifestyle with regular adjustments will make a difference in your health. While many allergy and sinus medications contain questionable ingredients, lifestyle changes and chiropractic cares seeks to treat the root cause of your problems.

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