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Can pediatric chiropractic care improve behavior?

Behavioral problems have become increasingly common among children. These issues are frustrating to both your child and you. Perhaps you are seeking an alternative to medication to correct these problems. Pediatric chiropractic care is a great way to improve behavior. 

Behavioral Problems in Children 

According to the CDC, the most common childhood mental disorders are ADHD, anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems. Behavioral problems affect almost 9 percent of children. These issues stem from a variety of factors ranging from poor sleep habits to an unhealthy diet. Pressure at school is another factor that causes stress and anxiety. Many times children will experience more than one of these mental disorders at a time. Age also seems to affect behavioral problem diagnoses. The older our children get, the more likely they are to receive a diagnosis for some type of mental health disorder. 

Natural Solutions

In today’s society, the solution for these behavioral problems is medication, but there are some natural steps you can take to help improve your child’s mental and behavioral problems without the use of medication. 

Nutrition is a great step to take in healing your child. Food affects much more than just our weight. Processed food has a negative impact on not only the development of your child but also the development of their mind. Curating a healthful diet and eliminating unhealthy and processed foods is a great place to start. 

Behavior issues may also stem from poor sleep habits. It is common for children to stay up late on their cell phones, playing video games, and last-minute school projects. When this becomes a habit, your child is more likely to struggle mentally. Consistent good night’s sleep is so important for proper development. 

There is another amazing natural solution for behavioral problems that many people overlook. This solution is pediatric chiropractic care. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care Helps Children

There are many benefits of chiropractic care, but you may not have realized how amazing it is for children. This safe and gentle approach to caring for your child’s mental health seeks to correct spinal misalignments. By restoring nervous system function in your child’s body, their body will be able to heal and function optimally. 

Pediatric chiropractors help the body by correcting nervous system issues caused by physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. When you adust the spine, it improves the messenger system of the body (the nervous system). The health benefits of this are numerous from improved sleep to stress relief. Consider regular chiropractic visits for your child. These consistent adjustments have been shown to help with anxiety and ADHD. It alleviates muscle tension and can improve emotional wellbeing. 

A chiropractor trained to evaluate primitive reflexes is a beneficial asset to addressing behavioral issues. Primitive reflexes are controlled by the nervous system to allow for proper development in infants. As a child’s brain and body develop the need for these reflexes diminishes and should no longer be active in the body. Active primitive reflexes are a sign that there was an issue in development that needs to be evaluated. Signs of possible active reflexes are behavioral issues, sensory processing issues, poor coordination, milestone delays, speech delays, and anxiety. A chiropractor can evaluate for these reflexes and along with regular chiropractic care, may give exercises to help regulate the system to allow for the reflexes to appropriately diminish.

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