Getting the Whole Family Adjusted-Including Dad!

Going to the chiropractor isn’t just for those with preexisting conditions and injuries. It is for the entire family. There are benefits to chiropractic care for every stage of life. Here are some great reasons for getting the whole family adjusted-including dad!

Newborns and Infants

Start out your baby’s life with a chiropractic adjustment. Newborns greatly benefit from chiropractic care after birth. Even if their birth was normal, some babies are born with their spines out of line. A gentle adjustment helps babies as they rapidly grow and helps alleviate problems with colic, breastfeeding issues, and sleep problems.

Children and Teens

Many reasons exist to take your children and teens to see a chiropractor. With growing bodies and lots of activities, there are plenty of chances for children to get misaligned. Children and teens experience significant growth spurts and may experience growing pains. Making sure your child’s spine is properly aligned is a great way to alleviate these pains.

Painful ear infections happen to many toddlers and children. Did you know that taking them to see a chiropractor helps prevent this common problem? Realigning the top bones in the neck encourages proper drainage in the ears.

Teens involved in sports and physical activities will greatly benefit from proper chiropractic care. It is also important to care for their young bodies as they move into adulthood. Preventative care is a gift to give your child that will help them for the rest of their lives.


Have you heard of a spinal subluxation? It is when one or more of your vertebrae are out of place. Even if you may not have heard of this term, you most likely have felt it! From desk jobs to picking up children, our bodies take a toll each day whether you realize it or not. These daily activities often lead to your spine becoming misaligned. This results in headaches, back pain, poor sleep, and even a weakened immune system. By seeking out chiropractic care, many experience improvement in their posture, neck pain, and even better circulation. Tell dad that chiropractic care even helps get rid of snoring!


As our bodies age, they become weak and brittle. Elderly people benefit from chiropractic adjustments by helping them with their range of motion. It may even help with certain types of arthritis. Consistent spinal care keeps the nervous system communication flowing throughout the entire body. This helps seniors stay more youthful and increases their overall health. Many elderly people struggle with balance as they grow older, but regular adjustments help improve balance.

No matter what age you are or what stage of life your family is in, you will benefit from consistent chiropractic care. Stop living with minor aches and pains and get adjusted today.

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