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How Pediatric Chiropractic Care Helps Brain Development

From a healthy diet to quality sleep, parents look for ways to help their child’s brain to develop properly. Aside from these obvious steps, there is another you may want to consider. Chiropractic work is an amazing tool to encourage your child’s growth. Here are some ways that pediatric chiropractic care helps brain development. 

Baby’s Brain Development

As your baby grows, their brain develops from the right hemisphere to the left. The right side is for processing emotions and most of its development happens in your child’s first three years of life. The left side of the brain controls logical thinking, language, and problem-solving. It isn’t until your child is three years old that this side of the brain rapidly develops. 

During these crucial brain development years, good nutrition, sleep, and healthy habits make a huge difference in proper growth. You may not have realized that poor spinal health can inhibit your child’s brain development. Seeking out a pediatric chiropractor will greatly help your child as they grow and their brain makes these important changes. A chiropractic adjustment helps regulate different lobes in the brain allowing for proper development.

The Brain and Nervous System

The spine is one of the primary parts of your nervous system. Your spinal cord contains nerves that run from the brain stem to the lower part of the back.  This bundle of nerves links your brain to the rest of the body which makes it an important part of a child’s brain development. If the spine is out of line, the nervous system will not be functioning at its best. For proper function, your brain must not only be able to send out messages to tell your body how to function but to also receive messages to allow your body to adapt to the environment. Both passageways must be free of interference for optimal brain development

Spinal misalignments not only affect brain development but can cause headaches, a poor immune system, and back pain. Chiropractic care for children helps restore their spine and brain connection. From newborns to teens, these adjustments will greatly benefit them. Studies show how beneficial chiropractic care is to the quality of a child’s life. 

Improved Brain Development

As your child receives regular chiropractic adjustments it releases stress from their joints and muscles. This helps the spine and brain stem to have a better connection and encourages a healthy nervous system. These consistent treatments improve a child’s chances of enjoying optimal health. 

Another benefit of chiropractic care is improved behavior. As the brain stem and spinal cord get the proper care they need, the body is able to better regulate and bring balance to the system. This helps lower stress levels and encourages sound sleep. Often children will experience an improvement in their behavior from these gentle adjustments. 

Pediatric chiropractic care helps brain development and improves overall health in children of all ages. This holistic approach to your child’s health will benefit them in the long term. Consider finding a qualified pediatric chiropractor today!

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