How to Support Women in Postpartum 

Life changes after having a baby, and sometimes adjusting can take a while. In these weeks and months following birth, a woman will experience many changes in body and spirit. Making sure she has the help she wants and needs during this time makes for a better recovery. Here are some ways to support women in postpartum.

Clean Her House

While a woman is recovering from childbirth, the last thing that should be on her mind is cleaning. Offer to help out with the housework. Set a time when you come over to wash dishes, do a load (or several!) of laundry, vacuum, and pick up. As you clean, pay special attention to her bathroom. This room tends to become messy during postpartum. Having a clean home will help the new mom to relax and focus her attention on the baby. 


Be mindful of the cleaning products you use around the newborn. You will want to stick with unscented and non-toxic cleaners. 

Bring Her Meals

There are many helpful options for bringing food to a new mom. Prepare a meal for her and drop it at her door. Give the meal without the expectation of going in to see the baby. You could also order a to-go meal and have it dropped by their house. Just make sure mom knows that it is coming! 


Another helpful option is to ask her to make a grocery list. Go to the store and pick up all the items she needs, and when you return, help her put them all away. 

Make Her Comfortable

Recovering from childbirth and learning to breastfeed can present many challenges. Make sure she is comfortable as she sits down to nurse her baby. Breastfeeding presents many nutritional needs, so grab her some snacks and hydrating beverages to keep at her side.


Chiropractic adjustments after childbirth can also help to keep mom comfortable as she recovers. Give her a ride to an appointment, or offer to go with her, so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed traveling alone.

Care for Her Other Children

We should be supporting all moms, not just the first-time ones! If she has other children, offer to watch them for an afternoon. This could look like taking them to the park or playing games in a separate room with them. As you offer to care for her other children, just make sure she is comfortable with whatever activity you have chosen.

Maintain Your Distance

Maintaining distance from a new mom and baby can sometimes be the best support you can offer. Many moms need to adapt to mom life privately. This can get complicated when many of her friends and family members are trying to intrude on her bonding time with her infant. If you are dropping off a meal-do just that. Don’t ask to see the baby and force yourself into her home. Allow mom weeks and maybe even a few months to grow and bond with this new life.

Encourage Her

Mom guilt is real. As she makes new decisions each day in the care of her baby, she can often feel sad and unsure if she has made the right choice. You can simply help her by saying encouraging words. This can be a big deal to support women in postpartum.


Babies receive many gifts at showers and as newborns, but moms usually don’t receive much. A nice gesture would be to choose a gift for her and surprise her with it. Brighten her day by being kind and helpful. Your encouraging gesture and words could be the thing to get her through her day. 

Help Her Through the Baby Blues

Did you know many new mamas go through something called ‘baby blues’? It’s totally normal. They might feel a bit moody, cry out of nowhere, or get anxious after the baby arrives. But here’s the thing: if these feelings don’t fade and actually get more intense, it might be postpartum depression (PPD). It’s super important for us as her support team to understand the difference and watch out for any signs.

Aligning Her Health and Well-being 

If you’ve got a hunch she might be grappling with PPD or any post-birth discomfort, maybe suggest she drops by her chiropractor. Chiropractic care, with its holistic approach, can work wonders in restoring physical and emotional balance after giving birth. Plus, it complements other treatments and therapies super well. You don’t have to be an expert, but a nudge towards a spine alignment might just be the supportive push she needs during this time. As her circle, being clued in about the mind-body benefits of chiropractic care can really help us rally around her in all the right ways.

Keeping the Lines Open 

If your newly postpartum friend wants to chat about how she’s feeling, awesome! But if she’s zipping up, that’s alright too. Just let her know you’re all ears when she’s ready. Sometimes just knowing we’re around can be the boost she needs.

Finding Her Tribe 

There are tons of supportive groups out there (online and offline) just for post-baby feels. Maybe help her find one? These groups are like mini support systems where women chat, share, and totally get what each other’s going through.

Wrapping It Up

Being there for a new mom goes beyond the occasional meal drop-off or babysitting session. It’s about understanding, empathizing, and directing her towards holistic paths of well-being, including the transformative power of chiropractic care. Let’s remember, as her community, every bit of support – be it a listening ear, a friendly nudge towards a chiropractic adjustment, or simply respecting her space – can make her postpartum journey smoother and more balanced. Embracing her holistic well-being is truly a gift that keeps on giving, nurturing not just the mom, but the entire family. Let’s be that supportive tribe she can lean on, in alignment and in health.

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