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What Are The Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor While Pregnant?

Pregnancy brings many changes to the body. Some of which are expected, and some unexpected. While each body handles pregnancy differently, chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to support women through these changes and facilitate a healthy pregnancy. So, what are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor while pregnant?

How can chiropractic care help during pregnancy?

With each stage in pregnancy, there are many transitions you’ll go through. No matter if this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, each of these stages can affect you differently. As the baby grows and makes room for itself in your womb, things begin to shift and you can find yourself experiencing things such as round ligament pain, or discomfort while making normal movements. Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can help alleviate these pains, which will make you and your baby more comfortable.

Pain Relief

Many women struggle with back pain, pelvic pain, and general discomfort during pregnancy. While this is common, it does not have to be your experience. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can help reduce or relieve these pains entirely. A Webster-certified chiropractor specializes in the proper techniques to keep you comfortable during pregnancy and is definitely someone to consider adding to your pregnancy team.

Better Sleep

While it is no secret that after the baby is born it is difficult for a new mom to get some sleep, many gloss over the fact that sleep during pregnancy can be just as difficult. Whether it’s waking every hour to pee, or being unable to get comfortable in the first place, good sleep is hard to come by. Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can help you sleep easier at night. When you’re in proper alignment you’ll have fewer aches and pains keeping you up at night.

Pelvic Balance

Pelvic balance is crucial to a healthy pregnancy and delivery. A Webster-certified chiropractor knows the proper techniques for healthy pelvic balance. This helps in giving your baby room to move into an optimal birth position for delivery.

Healthier Pregnancy

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor while pregnant are priceless. However, a healthier pregnancy is one of its most beneficial aspects. Chiropractic care during pregnancy supports your body’s innate functions to keep doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It helps support a healthy immune system and reduces inflammation. It can even help you with nausea and constipation. If you’re at your healthiest, you can help grow your baby in a healthy environment, making sure they have all they need before coming into this world.

Easier Labor & Delivery

Labor and delivery may be some of the most intimidating parts of pregnancy for some. And while you cannot know exactly what will happen during labor, you can prepare your body to perform at its best. With prenatal chiropractic care, you’ll get support throughout your pregnancy that will help you to be in optimal alignment for labor, and your baby to be in an optimal position for labor too.

Nervous System Function

The nervous system is a complex network that regulates body functions, including during pregnancy. The brain, spinal cord, and all the spinal nerves work harmoniously to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. Chiropractic care during pregnancy focuses on maintaining the health of your spinal column, which houses the spinal cord, a crucial part of the nervous system. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help ensure the spine is correctly aligned, which facilitates optimal nervous system function. This can help in reducing pain and discomfort, promote better sleep, and ensure a healthier pregnancy overall.

Shorter Labor

Research has suggested that women who received regular chiropractic care during their pregnancy often experience shorter labor. A key reason for this could be the focus on pelvic balance and optimization, which ensures an optimal birthing position for the baby. The optimal positioning of the baby can lead to a smoother and more efficient labor and delivery process.

Less Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, characterized by nausea and vomiting, is common in early pregnancy. Regular chiropractic care can assist in the reduction of these symptoms, improving the quality of life for many pregnant women. By aligning the spine and enhancing nervous system function, the body can better manage the hormonal changes that often trigger morning sickness.

Physical Therapy

In addition to adjustments, some chiropractors may incorporate elements of physical therapy into their care plans. This could include stretches and exercises that pregnant women can perform at home to maintain pelvic balance, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall wellness. It’s important to discuss this with your chiropractor, to understand what’s safe and beneficial for you and your growing baby.

Success Rate of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

While every pregnancy and body is unique, many pregnant women who’ve received chiropractic care have reported significant benefits, including reduced pain and discomfort, shorter labor times, and decreased instances of morning sickness. While it doesn’t guarantee a completely symptom-free pregnancy, the success rate of this holistic approach in improving pregnancy and delivery experiences is encouraging.

Chiropractic Pediatric Care Post-delivery

Post-delivery chiropractic care, often called pediatric chiropractic, can be beneficial for both the mother and the newborn. For the mother, it aids in the recovery process, helping to re-establish pelvic balance and overall spinal health. For the newborn, gentle chiropractic adjustments can assist in resolving issues such as latching difficulties and sleep disturbances. This care is typically gentle and safe but should always be provided by a chiropractor experienced in pediatric care.

Your pregnancy experience does not have to be the same as every other pregnancy. It does not have to be a miserable experience that you simply endure. Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can help you achieve a comfortable and even enjoyable pregnancy.

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